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What is Personalized Learning?


 Personalized learning is a difficult topic to define. There are many people in the educational system with different definitions. Natalie Abel Slocum, the Strategic Partnerships Director of iNACOL, sums up her definition of personalized learning and provides valuable insights on the definition throughout this blog post. 

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A Personalized Journey



In her blog post, Kristen Watkins, Director of Personalized Learning at Dallas ISD, discusses her three “a-ha” moments while implementing personalized learning and the important lessons she took away.

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Starting with the "Why"


 “Without starting with that end in mind, it’s nearly impossible to build a coherent personalized learning (PL) approach.” Betheny Gross describes struggles teachers had in discovering their “why” when it came to personalizing learning in their classrooms. Read the blog post to learn more about how to build your “why” in your classroom.

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A Manifesto of the Possible


 This article describes one teacher’s journey into personalized learning in their classroom. There are tools and resources that worked for this teacher to help implement personalized learning instruction. By the end of the article there is a question posed: “Are you that teacher?” Read it now to determine what your answer would be! 

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Where there's pain there's gain


All change requires effort.  Read this post to find out the challenges involved.

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What is Personalized Learning?


PL helps kids learn in different ways and at different paces.  Find out how PL can help special needs kids, too.

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